High resolution Line scan lenses

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TIIN OPTICS line scan lenses series cover the focal length: 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 80mm!

Widely used in fields such as textiles, photovoltaics, lithium-ion batteries, printing, panels, logistics, tobacco, etc.


Item Focal Format Aperture Resolution Iris Mount
TN2518 25mm φ28 F1.8 4K7u Manual M42
TN3528 35mm φ28 F2.8 4K7u Manual M42
TN4056 40mm φ60 F5.6 8k7u Manual M72
TN5028 50mm φ28 F2.8 4K7u Manual M42
TN5035 50mm φ43 F3.5 8K5u Manual M58
TN6040 60mm φ60 F4.0 8K7u Manual M72
TN8056 80mm φ60 F5.6 16k3.5u Manual M72
2023年8月14日 18:05