(1) Glass spherical lense manufacturing technology

Tiin Optics is the leading company in the industry of optical lense manufacturing. We have done a lot of reserch at manufacturing technology of spherical lenses, and breaked many traditional technological limits. For example, traditional technique cannot process optical lenses with D/R over 1.92, but Tiin Optics is able to grind optical lenses with D/R=1.98. Also, we are able to centering the 0.04 glasses index.

 (2) Lense coating process Optical lense coating process is based on interference theory. By coating, which contains coats with different thickness, on the surface of optical lenses, we are able to increase the transmittance of light of specific wave length. 

(3) High resolution optical lens adjustment technology During the process of lense production, the technique of manufacturing and assembling lenses is as important as the technique of designing and manufacturing optical glass lenses. As for high resolution lense, every detial matters. A small fail on surface, during the assembling process will lead to uneven sharpness, low resolution, and poor imaging quality. Even more, it will damage the lens, and reduce the service life of the lens. Through years of manufacturing experience, Tiin Optics has mastered the assembling process of high resolution lenses.